Escape to a personal oasis in your own backyard....

Global Palms Nursery is a tropical style landscape nursery.  We specialize in the design and installation of rare and exotic palm trees and tropical foliage, serving the Sarasota area.  We also offer Property care, Bobcat services, Palm seeds and seedlings, Lawn or Yard care and maintenance, Grass care maintenance, Tree trimming, Tree installation, and more...

With a creative and personal touch, we hand sculpt a personal piece of exotic wonder and tropical oasis in the confines of your own backyard...

The Palm Tree Experts
Tropical Landscapes

Add lasting enjoyment to
your home, install rare and exotic palm trees, add color and texture
with tropical plants
Landscape Lighting

Enhance atmosphere with lighting, accenting your palm trees with and your landscape, creating patterns and contrast.
Koi Ponds and Water Features

Create drama!  Bring your retreat alive with relaxing sounds, color and motion.  Relaxation is only a tickle away.